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A Guide to Planning a Ceremonial Sand Wedding

A sand wedding ceremony is normally used as a symbol to show the unification of two families into one family. The wedding coupe will each be provided with different colored sand, they will take turns to pour the sand into one vessel , the sand will then form a layered effect. In the wedding ceremony the person officiating it will talk about the meaning of the wedding, and he will hand over to the couple each a colored vase.

The groom will now be required to pour the sand into a central vase and the bride will follow creating a layer of sand. People that are participating in the wedding can also be allowed to pour sand into the central vase, the people that can be allowed will include family. To finish the unification, each person will pour the sand at the same time which will then represent a united family.

If you are organizing a wedding sand ceremony, you will be required to have a few items to be used. Each person that will be participating in the wedding ceremony, will be required to be provided with different colored sand. The size of the vase that you have will determine the amount of sand that you will need. Purchasing from retailers the kits that you need is also another option; you can be able to get different kits from different retailers.

Another thing you need for the wedding is the vase, you will provide the vase to the people participating in the wedding and you will ensure that the vases are filed with sand. Having a vase that has a narrow opening that is enough is important when you want the sand to pour out cleanly. It is important to have an empty vase, when you are selecting the vase, it is important to ensure that you select a vase that you can display in your house.

You will need a small table in the altar; this is the place that the sand ceremony will take place. Having clear tape and cotton balls for the ceremony is important because you will use them for the easy transportation of the empty vase. So as to transport the vase safely, you will be required to fill it with cotton balls then use the clear tape on top of vase to secure the cotton balls. The vase that you buy can be personalized with your name. The sand that you select for the wedding can be sand from the beach that you love, you can also have the sand from the place that you grew up in.

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